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For anyone wanting to get beyond tired travel guide cliches, A Geek in Indonesia is a hip, irreverent and streetwise introduction to Southeast Asia’s biggest country. Jump from the beaches of Bali to a tour bus circuit of the fascinating island of Java and come face to face with the reality of 21st-century Indonesia–from local fashion bloggers and the world’s most avid tweeters to feminist activists, punk pioneers and scandalous celebrities. Discover the dubious delights of dangdut–Indonesia’s homegrown working-class rockers–and a dizzying universe of pop, jazz and alternative music. Learn what makes Jakarta the social media capital of the world, dive into the Indonesian blogosphere, and get essential insights into the traditional values that still underpin modern tech-savvy Indonesian society. Then travel back in time to the outer fringes of the archipelago where tribesmen still wear ritual battle gear. Packed with lively articles on everything from office and cafe culture to food, dating rituals and TV soap operas–and illustrated with hundreds of colorful images–this Indonesian travel guide is a delightful read for backpackers, first-time visitors, newly-arrived expats, long-time Indonesiaphiles–and anyone else seeking fresh insight into a culture and a country that is now an emerging economic powerhouse and one of the world’s most captivating travel destinations. A Geek in Indonesia is a guide like no other, to a country that has no equal.

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